Full Conference $104
  • Includes conference, Sat. dinner., Sun. brunch buffet & complimentary dance ticket (purchase additional meal & dance tickets below if needed)
  • Select meal type (regular or vegetarian), input data for registrant (full name, address, phone & email)
  • Registration confirmation will be sent to the contact information for the person entered below; NOT the holder of the credit card or Paypal account if different.
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Online Registration
Conference Only $49
  • Includes admission to all conference events except meals & dance
  • Input data for registrant (full name, address, phone & email)
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Saturday Dinner Banquet $35
  • Select meal type (regular or vegetarian)
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Sunday Brunch Buffet $25
Saturday Dance $5
TWC Merchandise will not be available at the conference.

TWC merchandise will only be available for purchase directly from the vendor (retailer).  If you wish to purchase merchandise, we have included a link for you to do so.  Items purchased will be available for pick-up at the conference registration table.

Donate to the TWC Scholarship Fund
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When registering online, please complete the full process for each person that you want to register:

  • Choose one conference package first and then add additional items (tickets or merchandise or donate). 
  • Next pay for the items via major credit card or Paypal.
  • Once this has been completed, you may start over for an additional person.

You may only purchase items if you're registering at the same time so we have a method to get the items to you; i.e., you will pick up everything at the registration table at the conference when you get your registration packet.

If you purchase items without registering, we reserve the right to refund your amount and ask that you purchase them again and register for the conference when making your purchase.
Meal type (regular or vegetarian)
Full name of registrant
Address, phone & email
Full name of registrant
Address, phone & email
Meal type (regular or vegetarian)
Increment of $5